Update from my post in 2017 – my year went as I wanted. I traveled, I came to terms with myself and most importantly – I was happy.

My goal for 2018 is not only to continue to be happy, but now it’s to give up the worst habit I have – instagram.

Forget posting, I don’t judge people on their posts or what they wanna post or how often, but how much time I was spending on instagram mindlessly scrolling is easily one of the worst habits I’ve had.

When the new iPhone update came out and fucked us all, I looked at my battery usage and found that in the last day I had spent an hour on instagram alone. Thats a collection of minutes throughout the day and I was literally grossed out. The truth is, I don’t care about anyone’s life. I care about the people who I actually know, actually keep in touch with, and actually want to “follow.”

There’s not much I wanna say on the subject except that when I do rejoin Instagram I’ll probably be a private page with like 100 followers because I want to be more social-media conscious. 

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just mean I love Instagram. It’s like my personal blog and it pretty much helps me document life events and things I’ve done and places I go. That’s what I really like about Instagram. It’s not even that I’m validating it for anyone else, I’m doing it for myself. So I can remember and look back and scroll.

But I hate when I’m sitting there bored with a hundred things to do and I resort to scrolling to look at other people’s lives. It’s a bad habit and I know I’m not alone on it. So yeah my resolution is to give up Instagram. Will I return? Yeah, it’s likely and I’m not gonna play the fool against myself here. But do I wanna try and go a good amount of time without it? Yes. I’d like a detox from it for a bit because I want to lay low and be less overly-stimulated at all times.

I also want to write more and think more and listen to podcasts and watch shows and movies and go out there and be one with the fucking world.

I want to actually do the things I want, not resort to my phone because I’m being lazy.

That’s my thoughts.

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