#21: I Wont Tell Them Your Name.

I used to think you’d be the one,

That would pass his name along to my son.


But after some time,

and years of deceit,

You name is one I will never repeat.


It took some time,

but I let it all go.

I allowed my life to continue,

without waiting for you to show.


I moved along,

And settled down,

Now your name is just another boy in town.


I won’t pick up your calls anymore,

I won’t reply to your text.

The truth is –

I am ready for the one that comes next.


The one that is honest,

The one that is true,

The one that shows me why there was never a future with you.


The one that doesn’t get angry and start a fight,

The one that helps me out of darkness when I am looking for light.

The one that can admit to it’s wrongs,

And forgive just the same,

The one that does not know your name.


The love that puts me first,

When times are tough,

The one that always reminds me I am enough.


But I don’t know what comes next,

and my heart remains brave,

Anything is better than holding onto a love,

you can no longer save.


But just so we’re clear,

and there’s no confusion between us two –

They will never know your name,

and I’ve already forgotton you.



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