I don’t want the “Nice Boy” and neither do you.

And I know what you’re probably thinking:

Typical girl… she wants an asshole to change and love her just like every other girl. She wants the guy whose never loved anyone else in his life to see the potential in her and give it his all. She wants to be swept away. She wants him to be bad for everyone but her.

Good guess – but you are wrong. 

Maybe it’s just me, I’m going to assume it’s not. But here it goes:

I, Irene Sofia Koutsidis, do not want the “Nice Boy.”

Instead, I want the guy who is going to look into my eyes and set my soul on fire because keeping me happy is just as important as keeping himself happy.

I don’t want the guy who is going to let me win with every point I make; I want the guy who is going to challenge my point of view and make me wonder why he thought that way.

I want the guy who is going to show me life from his side and let me open my eyes to the world as I’ve never seen it before. I want him to challenge me. I don’t want the guy who says “you’re right” or “that’s true” unless he absolutely means it. Don’t side with me – enlighten me.

I don’t want the guy who is going to say “we can do whatever you want,” I want the guy who says “this is my suggestion.”

I don’t want to feel like the ball is always in my court, I want to make sure we’re taking advantage of the whole arena. And that arena involves putting your mind and mine together. So if you’re telling me you want to eat out, make sure you have your first suggestion lined up. I want to know what you’re in the mood for too. I want to know what would make you happy, too.

I don’t want the guy who is going to drop everything he’s doing for me everytime I say “let’s go out” – I want the guy who is going to keep his priorities in line.

You have to work late to get that promotion? Stay. Does your Friday night include going to the gym because it’s in your schedule to do so? Go. Your best friend just planned a guys night and you haven’t seen them in a while? Don’t even text me – enjoy. Please make sure that your priorities remain your priorities and I never get in your way.

I don’t want the guy who says “mistakes happen” I want you to tell me I was in the wrong, I want you to help me grow.

I don’t want you to sit there and make me feel like I’m the worst person to walk the earth, but I don’t want you to sit there and tell me I couldn’t have done better.

Its so hard as a girl to explain that you want a nice guy, but you don’t want the nice guy. Because let’s face it – the nice guys bore us. The nice guys give us what makes our lives easy, they give us what we want – and think that’s what we want.

But the truth remains: We are creatures who want to feel.

We want their touch to make our hairs stand up, and their words to make our minds a brighter place. We don’t want gentle, we don’t want sweet – we want raw and we want real.

We want the one who makes our soul believe in everything we’ll never see and in a universe that understood everything you ever asked for.

We want to believe that in the midst of it all, this person will keep every day interesting, every day worth another together. We don’t want to be bored,  we don’t want to stop growing.

We want the guy who will hold our hand through it all, but let it go when we need our space. No one gets through this life alone, but at the same time, you only go through this life alone.

So there’s a difference, I don’t want an asshole, but I don’t want the nice guy, either.

I want the one for me.


2 thoughts on “I don’t want the “Nice Boy” and neither do you.

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  1. This is awesome! How I feel everyday – 21 years+. It’s good to be questioned and listen to other opinions- even if they make you crazy! You will get bored and you need mental stimulation as much as affection to have a happy unity. You rock!!


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