2017: Get the F out of your Comfort Zone

Last new years eve I fell down a set of marble stairs and I basically knew I was screwed for 2016.

My life slowly spiraled into what you’d call a very hot mess. I was depressed and I was manic, I was alone for the first time in years, my asthma sucked (I mean to the point where a guy I was making out with had to give me his inhaler – talk about embarrassing), I had the post-grad blues and I truly had no idea who I was going to become. (Disclaimer: I still don’t.) I watched my best friend lose her dad, went on 50 awful first dates and gained 15 lbs due to my new lifestyle of choice – the desk job.

I was pretty much done with 2016 well before 2016 was done with itself.

But when I say I’m into new years – I really mean it. I’m into new years. Wanna know why? It’s not because “new year – new me” – it’s because New Years is the best time to give yourself a chance.

New Years is the best time to give yourself a chance.

So many times, people sell themselves short without giving ourselves the chance to succeed. We say we can’t get that promotion because we’re probably not ready; we can’t move to that new city because it’s too far from home;  we can’t say something to someone important because it might create a problem, or we can’t chase what we really want because it might just be a waste of time.

I love the idea of people  having fresh starts. I know that sounds cliche but hear me out.

This year I’m challenging myself to create a new comfort zone and telling you that you should try to do the same.

In front of you is this fresh slate with 365 chances to make something worth it. It offers perspective.  You can now look back on the year prior and ask yourself – did I live it for me? Or did I live it based on circumstance I was given? There is a huge difference.

That voice in our head that tells us to sit back down when we think of standing up is a fucking bullshit artist. You have to ignore it. All it does is trick our minds to keep us a success in our comfort zone, and not a soldier in the battle of becoming who we’re meant to be.

When you live your life for you every choice on what to do or where to go and who to be is based solely on you and what you want. This self doesn’t see the challenges that will come in between or the few times you might fall and take a few steps back as the end all. It sees success, it sees risking something to gain everything and that’s the me I’m also looking for this year. When you live your life based on circumstance it’s what’s granted to you, what’s been put in your path and what you’re allowing rather than choosing.

It’s living life passively, and that was my largest mistake in 2016. Living with whatever life gave me – not living with what I handed to myself.

So my resolution this year is to get a new comfort zone, live my life in the drivers seat. Find new habits that make me great, rather than searching for comfort in old ones. Choose the life I want, rather than letting it choose me.

And since I didn’t fall down a marble staircase this year, I think it’s possible.

Tune in in 2018 to see if I was right.

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