Helicopter Views

Too many times, I sit up at night and think about everything that my life has become.

If you asked me a year ago where I thought I’d be today, I would have given you a response that looks nothing like my life right now. Funny isn’t it? How we think we know more than we do because with everyday that passes it feels like nothing is changing. But when you look at the whole picture, when you look back on a frame of time that seems not too long ago, you realize just how untrue that is.

Life is ever changing and we are always in transition.

I recently started looking at life from the helicopter view when a friend of mine opened my eyes up to the idea.

If you’re wondering what that means, it means looking at your life as if it is the ground and you are in the helicopter observing all that was, all that is, and all that is to come.

She said to me, sometimes we’re so in the moment, we’re so in the now, that we forget that when we’re this young there’s so much more to come for us, than has passed.

Interesting take on life for someone who’s just shy of 20, but I took her her words for what they were and started applying them to my everyday life.

I’ve realized that looking at life from the top down and overviewing all that’s been, while keeping in mind there’s more to the big picture than what we see in this moment, has become my key to living a life I can make peace with – even when I can’t understand the why’s & how’s.

Sometimes, as people, we get so caught up in the things we momentarily can’t make sense of. Why our friendships fade, why our relationships fail, why our family is a certain way, why we’re anxious, why someone is no longer with us, why we ended up with a certain job – the list goes on.

But when you take life from the helicopter view, you can see sides to a situation you haven’t seen before.

Maybe your friendship faded because it weighed you down and someone had to let go; maybe your relationship failed because you’re growing into someone different; maybe your family has taught you what you want and don’t want for yourself one day; maybe your anxieties will make you brave; and maybe sometimes we lose people and it teaches us a lesson to live our lives the way we want because in a split second – they can change forever.

I’m no superhuman, I have no idea what I’m actually saying – but it makes sense to me. And maybe when we’re young, we’re just looking to make sense of the life in front of us.

I can tell you that when I think of life this way, from my helicopter, I think about what 55-year-old me will think one day. What would she be telling me? Would she say you’re so young, don’t worry about it? Probably. And other times I think about 9-year-old me, the person she wanted to be, and I live my life keeping her dreams and expectations in mind for the present me.

When I put myself in helicopter view, I feel hopeful, I feel brave, and I finally give myself the credit I deserve for making it to where I am today. Realizing all that’s passed reminds me that no path in life is easy, no path comes without a scar and where you go next has yet to come.

So that has now become my new mantra. Live life from the helicopter view and understand that all there is now, came from what was; and all that’s to come will be from what is right now. Making sense of the life in front of us and the cards we’re dealt is only a part of the battle. What we do with it, how we make peace with it, makes all the difference.

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